Stock market crash 2020stock market crash 1929stock market crash 2019 So you ask why because it’s a prelude to a Massive Bull Run. Stock market crashes represent opportunity, it requires a change in the angle of observation. It all depends on what side of the fence you sit on. If you decided to pour all your money […]


Investment psychologyInvestment psychology pdfBehavioural finance We all know negativity sells as the crowd loves misery. You hardly ever see a group of individuals happily sharing a nice story, but it is amazing how they will smile when recounting some tragic event, and go to great lengths to give you all the unnecessary details. We also […]

Brainwashing Techniques

Brainwashing Techniquesmind control technologybrainwashing psychology The idea is to incept the seeds of doubt; if you want more clarification on this topic, just watch the movie Inception. The top players have been incepting ideas into the masses for millennia; it works brilliantly and the results are highly rewarding so this process is not going to […]


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